My name is Elie Small and I've been in love with music for as long as I can remember. 

I started playing the guitar when I was six after my uncle showed up at my house with an old battered up Gibson acoustic. I quickly started taking lessons and began writing songs before I could play any real chords.

I have four brothers, two of which play musical instruments (guitar and drums). My cousin plays guitar and sings as well, so you could say I come from a pretty musical family.

Some of my greatest influences are Wilco, John Mayer, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Matt Nathanson, and Guster. 

I have written hundreds of songs and even recorded 3 albums before the age of 10. I printed the CD's on my computer and packaged them up to sell copies to the local C.D. City. A copy of that first check is still hanging in my room.

I began recording professionally when I was 13, releasing my EP In Time in the summer of 2010 under the direction of producer Joe McMahan in Nashville, TN. As my songwriting and voice developed, I found myself back in Nashville recording with Joe 3 more times, releasing Take You There EP (2011), Without A Sound (2012), and Snow Globe EP (2014).

Most of my early releases dealt with the nuances of teenage romance and the curiosity of childhood. I took things a little deeper with Snow Globe. The underlying theme of this release was that I believe that one's real age is not defined by a number, but should be determined in the weight of disarray. The experiences that we have and how we deal with them, good and bad, is what truly defines our age.

I am really excited to share with you my newest release, Dancing in the Fire. This record is a collection of ideas. However ambiguous some of the lyrics may be, each of the 10 tracks explain experiences I have had over the last two years of my life. The songs deal with relationships, falling in love, trust, loyalty, regret, and and conformity. Dancing in the Fire is available on all online sources now, and my music video for Anything But Love can be found on my videos page! 

I'm really excited to share my stories with you and I hope you enjoy my tunes!


Thank you so much for your support.